Did you know we can help you recover from injuries you experienced during a car accident?

Being in a car accident is stressful, emotional, and quite often painful. Our chiropractors have (unfortunately) all experienced car accidents first-hand, and know what it’s like to be suffering. In Oregon, your automobile insurance requires your policy include bodily damage liability coverage, property damage liability coverage, and personal injury protection, also called PIP. The PIP serves to provide coverage for  “reasonable and necessary” medical expenses associated with an accident. It can be used for for up to one year following the accident, and up to $15,000 in medical, dental, hospital, surgical, and/or prosthetic services. The PIP covers the driver as well as passengers in the vehicle at the time of the accident.

Some statistics estimate that thirty percent of people involved in car accidents never seek care for their injuries. Sometimes it is due to not knowing (or understanding) that they have coverage to pay for medical bills, but most commonly, people think they aren’t hurt (or aren’t hurt “bad enough” to need care). Injuries can take days, weeks, or even a month to show up after accidents. Although whiplash is the most common injury, people suffer low back pain, headaches, arm/leg pain, and strains of the ankles and wrists; all of which we can help.

After being in accident, you can choose the providers to from whom you receive care. Our chiropractic physicians understand the forces and injuries associated with car accidents, and are ready to start working with you to help you get back on track to recovering and into your normal routines as soon as possible. We can provide adjustments (with our hands, with an adjusting instrument, and/or with a drop-table), therapeutic modalities (therapeutic ultrasound, muscle stimulation/IFC/EMS, low-level laser therapy), and massage therapy. Give us a call at 503-635-1236 to schedule your appointment! Our new patient paperwork is located under the new patient center.

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